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Forbidden Obsession


     She’s beautiful, alluring…and lying.


     After serving years as Master Chief of an elite SEAL team, extracting targets from hostile foreign lands, I’m no stranger to danger. But I’m wholly unprepared for the fallout after rescuing a devastatingly gorgeous woman from a violent twister. The tall, curvy blonde with big hazel eyes and plump lips—made for sin—ignites my libido with a passion that sears my blood. I’m already planning ways to lure her to Club Genesis and show her the ropes. There’s just one problem…


     The compelling beauty is masquerading as my dead sister.


     When I discover my billionaire fiancé is embroiled in an illegal bribery scheme, I methodically establish a new identity, then run…straight into a tornado, and the rugged arms of a blue-eyed savior with a commanding presence who sets my soul on fire. Desperate to put out the flames, I surrender to the blistering attraction between us. Drowning me in unimaginable bliss, he introduces me to a world of utter freedom. There’s just one problem…


     He’s discovered my true identity.


     Forced to come clean, I spill my secrets. But instead of turning me away, he vows to protect me. And he does—until the past catches up to me. Can Grant save me again, or will he merely become a memory of my…

Forbidden Obsession?

Forbidden Indulgence Place Holder.jpg
Forbidden Indulgence


Mack Boone, the rugged former sniper turned cattle rancher has nothing in common with Dr. Harper Wells, the gorgeous skilled surgeon who saves his life…or does he?

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