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Awaken Me


     He was more than a ghost haunting my dreams…he was real.

     By day, I’m Julianna Garrett…a prim, proper accountant. By night, I’m tormented by dreams of an alpha, amber-eyed Adonis who makes me ache with forbidden desires. After swimming in a dating pool of lacking losers, I discover Club Genesis, a private oasis that caters to my unconventional cravings. But even immersing myself in this sensual, secretive world, I still can’t find what I’m looking for.


     Until I see…


     Mika LaBrache, Club Genesis owner, loner, enigma. I know instantly my soul has found its one true desire, and a blistering night of passion proves that beyond any doubt. But Mika is no stranger to tragedy. The dark secrets ruling his world soon tear us apart. When danger creeps into the club and threatens me, he’s my savior…but will Mika’s emotional scars drive him to reject me, or will he open his heart to claim and…Awaken Me?

2 Consume Me.jpg
Consume Me


    They made my wildest fantasies come true until…

     I’m Savannah Carson—sane, sensible archeological activist. I never envisioned starting my much-needed vacation by wrapping my SUV around local wildlife and totaling my vehicle. I also never imagined being rescued from the wreckage, an impending blizzard, and certain hypothermia by two gorgeous knights in a shiny pickup. As they swept me away to safety, I realized my attraction to them was far more dangerous.


     At the mercy of Nick Masters and Dylan Thomas—drool-worthy construction owners—their commanding compassion unravels my inhibitions and ignites a primal passion that consumes my very soul. Trapped in isolation for seven glorious days, they wreck me as they capture my heart. But all too soon, the snow stops and the reality that the world won’t understand my complicated love life intrudes. So, I flee, resuming my lackluster existence and tiding myself over with memories.


     But Nick and Dylan have other plans. They track me down with an ultimatum: take the safe path and walk away…or embrace their unconventional love and let them…Consume Me?

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Seize Me


     He climbed inside my mind and controlled my every craving.

     I’m Leagh Bennett—kept woman. The unexpected death of my lover shatters me, but when his family discovers our relationship, their cruel vengeance nearly destroys me. Homeless, penniless, and grieving, I seek refuge at Club Genesis to mourn and face an unknown future alone.


     When Tony Delvaggio, panty-melting psychologist and the club’s savage hotshot, forces me to confront my anguish, I tell myself his probing questions are purely professional. But his whiskey-smooth suggestions break through my defenses and ignite desires I never knew existed. Frightened, I push Tony away. But he’s relentless, delving into my psyche until I’m letting him even deeper into my body and my heart—where I’ve let no man before. His raw passion shocks and devastates me. And soon, I’m falling too hard to resist…


     But when my past returns and danger threatens, I’m forced to choose between running again or surrendering my all and letting Tony… Seize Me.


4 Arouse Me.jpg
Arouse Me


     He compelled the surrender I didn’t want to give…

     I’m Mellie Carson—bold, ambitious, career-driven, independent woman. When I hook up with sexy-as-sin sculptor Joshua Lars for a one-night stand, he totally blindsides me. I never expected his skilled hands and commanding presence to awaken the forbidden desires hiding inside me. The passionate night we share reshapes my definition of pleasure.


     To save my sanity, I try to forget him. But fate—and a killer—have other plans.


     Determined to save my life, Joshua hides me away. Safely protected in his loving arms, he steals my heart while doing everything in his power to…Arouse Me.

5 Ignite Me.jpg
Ignite Me

     He singed me with his kiss…while his boss fanned the flames with his touch.

     I’m ER nurse Liz Johansson. When a hate-crime victim becomes my patient, I meet his concerned friends, sinfully hot James Bartlett and his equally gorgeous boss Ian Stone. Both men loom so tall, dark, and lethal, they pique my forbidden fantasies. I couldn’t decide if I was more attracted to one or the other—not that it mattered. They’d never notice me.


     But they did.


     Even more shocking, they told me I didn’t have to choose. Was I the kind of woman to take two lovers at once? I’d never thought so.


     Until they proved I could.


     As desire soars and ecstasy beckons, I must find a way to cast my inhibitions and shame aside and surrender while these masterful men…

Ignite Me.

6 Entice Me.jpg
Entice Me


     He lured me into a forbidden world and unlocked my dangerous desires.

     I’m ER nurse Cindy Noland. After being humiliated at the altar, I vow to give up on men until buff, blond, and unbearably sexy Dr. Samuel Brooks bursts into my life. Unable to resist his smile, his voice, and piercing blue eyes, I fall fast and hard.


     But the gorgeous doctor is keeping secrets.


     When I discover he spends his nights commanding women to their knees, I confront him. Rather than deny he’s living a double life, Sam guides me to sensual new heights that frighten and excite me. Light-years out of my comfort zone, I can’t walk away from the wicked pleasure he wields. And before long, I’m begging him to…Entice Me.

7 Expose Me - Novella.jpg
Expose Me - Novella


     He wants forever…now I have to prove I want it, too.

     I’m Ava Gibbs, ruthless VP of Fusion Productions, and foolishly head-over-heels for my boss, Quinn MacKinnon. It’s assumed I acquired my coveted business title on my back. I didn’t. I earned it. Surrendering to him is merely an indulgent added perk. Yes, we share unique desires. With his first masterful touch, he claims not only my body but my mind, heart, and soul.


     But Quinn isn’t convinced I’m fully committed.


     To test my sincerity, he arranges a weekend in Vegas. Each challenging command immerses me in pleasure so extraordinary, I’m questioning how I could ever live without him. Even after he unravels and claims me, Quinn’s pursuit doesn’t stop. He’s determined to fully…Expose Me.

8 Bare Me Novella.jpg
Bare Me - Novella


     He saved me once, but I can’t seem to find my way back…even for him.

     I’m Trevor Hammond, the sassy, unfiltered life of the party—until a brutal assault at the hands of intolerant frat boys leaves me broken and shattered. Despite my efforts to put the vicious attack behind me, haunting nightmares won’t let go.


     Neither will my Daddy.


     Moses Abrams, aka Daddy Drake, senses me slipping away, but can’t find the key to free me from my dark, desolate prison. Determined to rescue me and draw me back into his strong, loving arms, he wields his command and unconditional love like a warrior to utterly strip me down and completely…Bare Me.

9 Unravel Me.jpg
Unravel Me


     He enticed my abandoned desires…and uncovered my guarded heart.

     I’m Samantha “Sammie” Radcliffe, queen of the bar at Club Genesis. They say first impressions mean everything, but either Maximus “Max” Gunn didn’t get the memo or doesn’t care. I can’t lie. He’s a heart-stopping, ripped beast I’d love to climb and conquer, but his assumption I should kneel for him makes me want to bring him to his knees.


     Somehow, he slips past my defenses and crawls deep inside my soul.


     With neither of us willing to cede control, the battle for supremacy is brutally grueling. But when Max discovers the secret I’ve spent years suppressing and attempts to heal my scars, it’s impossible to deny my true cravings before he can…Unravel Me.

10 Command Me Novella.jpg
Command Me - Novella


     He stole my heart…but will he keep it?

     I’m Mercy O’Connor, freelance graphics designer—and newbie at Club Genesis. Though eager to explore my dark desires, the only man I want teaching me the ropes barely acknowledges my existence. Sexy, handsome, and intriguing Kellan Graham strips me to the bone with his intense, penetrating stares. But he always walks away when I approach.


     Desperate for his attention, fate intervenes when I escape a dangerous stalker and collapse in Kellan’s arms. Determined to keep me safe, he offers me a guest room in his house, but continues keeping his distance. I soon discover my attraction isn’t one-sided. But when he reveals the dark secret he’s been hiding, I’m left battling between a massive moral dilemma and the constant ache for him to…Command Me.

11 Tame Me.jpg
Tame Me


     They were meant to be a temporary escape…but captured my heart.

     As owner of a thriving skincare company, I, Sasha Evans, discover an unconventional way to relieve my stress. But finding a man masterful enough to supply the spine-bending agony I crave proves challenging. When Parker Cane presents me with a contract promising to fulfill my dark desires, I’m ready to sign, despite his strict rules. 


     But before I can commit, Lawson Pratt—the tall, rugged, and unbearably handsome marketing genius I hired to rebrand my line—strolls through the door. Defying Cane’s demands, I fall into bed with Lawson. When secrets unravel, I soon find myself sandwiched between both gorgeous, commanding men.


     They drown me in mindless ecstasy—until a menacing madman from the past tries to steal my bliss and my life. Will Cane and Law save me before they can fully…Tame Me?

12 TEMPT Me.jpg
Tempt Me

     He still sees me as a little girl… it’s time to introduce him to the woman I’ve become.



     Resolving never to be under anyone’s thumb again, I leave my controlling, uber-rich father. My studio apartment is sketchy and my job pays minimum wage, but I can finally be myself. Then a chance meeting with my father’s hunky-as-hell billionaire business partner, Dalton Barnes, leaves me reeling. I’m convinced my teenage crush can make my filthiest fantasies come true…but he doesn’t recognize me all grown up.


     I have to seduce him.




     Playing with a woman half my age isn’t smart. Still, when the flirtatious beauty suggests anonymous afternoon delight, I say yes. Then she screams my name in passion, and I demand answers. Learning my business partner’s barely legal daughter played me is infuriating. No matter how intense the pleasure, I won’t touch her again. Except, she suddenly finds herself broke and homeless. She has no one else to rely on.


     I have to save her.


     Having Blair under my roof shreds my resolve. The sassy brat needs the firm hand I’m capable of giving, but defiling her again will destroy my future. As she fights the very boundaries I set, my desire for her burns through all resistance. Still, trying to show her the difference between control and command proves a bigger challenge when she’s constantly trying to…

Tempt Me.

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