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The Cowboy's Baby Bargain - Prequel
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     A race to the altar and fatherhood…for five million dollars?

     As his wife lay on her deathbed, Duke Carson vowed to see her final wish come true—a grandchild to continue the family legacy.

     Two years later, he’s done waiting on his four sons—Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Beau—to fulfill that promise. Now he’s getting creative… The boss, the player, the best friend, and the bad boy don’t stand a chance.

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The Cowboy's Virgin Baby Momma


     She’s young, innocent—and his enemy… but she might be the answer to his problems.


     Austin Carson has zero desire to find a bride or have babies. He’s too busy working the cattle ranch he hopes to inherit one day to settle down and procreate. Besides, his track record with women isn’t the best…


     When his surly neighbor’s alluring and way too young granddaughter, Paige Nelson, arrives for a visit, Austin’s life takes a sexy turn for the forbidden he can’t refuse. And once he’s tasted the skittish beauty’s innocence…one nibble will never be enough.


     But there’s a hitch. The Carsons and the Nelsons have been feuding for a century and a half. If Austin wants Paige for more than a night, he’ll have to bury the hatchet and face his fears so he can prove he’s the cowboy of her dreams.

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The Cowboy's Million Dollar
Baby Bride


     She’s been his best friend for years …but she’s keeping secrets that will change everything between them forever.


     Once bitten, twice shy, Houston Carson has no interest in marriage and children. After losing his mom, he understands his dad’s desperation for grandkids, but he won’t bend to the man’s emotional manipulation—or the hefty bribe. He’ll leave tying the knot and carrying on the family legacy to his brothers, thank you very much.


     Houston’s best friend and local librarian, Allison “Al” O’Connor, has had a secret crush on him since the second grade. But he’s always seen her strictly as a pal, never an alluring, sensual woman, dying to be his in every way. When she schemes to show him what he’s missing out on, the innocent virgin falls even more in love.


     But after a passionate night together, will Houston still want Al after she tells him she has a nine-month surprise for him?

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The Cowboy's Virgin Buckle Bunny


     His future was all mapped out…until she crossed his path.           


      When two-time world champion bull rider, Beau Carson, makes a rare visit home, his bullheaded father, desperate to continue the Carson legacy, offers him a ridiculous bribe. The choice of trading fortune, fame, and brazen buckle bunnies for marriage, babies, and five million dollars—with zero chance of earning the old man’s respect—is a no-brainer. Determined to secure his own future, Beau loads up his truck and returns to the rodeo circuit.


      But when a shy, innocent beauty gives him the hottest, wildest, most life-altering ride of his life, he’s forced to reconsider…everything.


      Finally free of her caustic, alcoholic father, social media manager, Maddie Gibbs leaves her mistakes behind and moves to Montana to start a new life and reconnect with her long-time bestie. When her well-meaning but meddling friend discovers Maddie is still hauling around her V-card, she introduces her to, Beau—the sinfully gorgeous cowboy next door. Unsure if she can trust her instincts, she throws caution to the wind and spends a sensually, forbidden night drowning in earth-shattering bliss.


      But when she realizes she’s carrying more than memories of the sexy, gifted cowboy, she’s forced to reveal…everything. 


       Can Maddie convince Beau she’s not out to destroy his life, or will he send her away, forever?

The Cowboy's Big Sexy Wedding
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Coming soon!

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