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Rock Me - Prequel


     The rock gods from Licks of Leather wow the world with their raw lyrics and electrifying tunes. But nothing about the rock-star life—especially whirlwind tours, banging parties, and eager groupies—can mute the demons that put each on their personal highway to hell.

     Lead singer Burk Jennings is blessed with a voice that’s netted him millions of dollars. But cash, adoring women, and mansions on each coast can’t grant his restless soul peace—until her.


     Guitarist Darren Ash lives to strum under the spotlights. But when he hooks up with a gorgeous redhead, she rocks his world, steals his heart…and disappears. He finds her—along with something life-altering.


     Keyboardist Ozzy Page caresses the ivories, haunted by the woman who once slipped through his fingers. She’s since risen from the ashes to the top of the charts. When fate thrusts her back into his life, he’ll have to conquer his hunger…or lose his heart.


     Drummer Ross Walker bangs the drums like a boss…but his existence is empty. After nearly losing it all, he got clean and sober. Now he ruthlessly maintains control. But when an innocent beauty crashes into his disciplined life, Ross must hold even tighter—or come undone completely.


     Bassist Syd Wilson plucks each note with gusto, so he isn’t swallowed up by his horrific past. But when tragedy strikes again, his only salvation might be a compassionate beauty—if she has the strength to help him and he has to courage to change forever.

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Rock Me Longer


     I have everything I want—except her.


     I’m Burk Jennings. After more than a dozen years as lead singer of the iconic rock band Licks of Leather, I have houses, women, and money to burn. But fame and fortune can’t buy peace, so after this tour, I’m hanging up my microphone. Then she steps onto the tour bus, and instantly I know she’s what I’ve been missing.


     There’s just one problem. She’s engaged.


     I’m Sophia Jackson. My personal life has crumbled and my dream job is a nightmare. Now I have the impossible task of keeping the bad boys of rock in line. Worse, I have to resist the sexy, velvet-voiced lead singer who ignites all my fantasies—or I’ll find myself unemployed. But passion can only be pent up for so long, and when desire bursts and my secrets are spilled, I risk losing it all.


     **There is no cheating in this HEA**

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Rock Me Harder



     I’m haunted by a night I can’t forget—and a woman I can’t find.


     I’m Darren Ash. As lead guitarist for the iconic rock band Licks of Leather, I should be living the dream. Instead, I’m obsessed. Two years ago, I spent a night with a woman so mind-blowing, she’s hardwired into every cell of my body.


     There’s just one problem. I don’t know her name.


     I’m Tori Combs. Two years ago, I was a woman on a mission. I shared a night of unforgettable bliss with bad-boy rocker Darren…and I left with more than the information I came for. The last thing I expected was for him to suddenly knock on my door. Now that he’s seen my son, he’s shocked. And if he ever finds out the real reason I climbed into his bed, he’ll walk away and shatter my heart forever.

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Rock Me Slower


     I hate her—as much as I want her.


     I’m Ozzy Page. As keyboard player for the iconic rock group Licks of Leather, I have my pick of gorgeous groupies. But the one woman I gave my heart to only used me to launch her career. I haven’t seen her in the seven bitter years since I walked away. Tabloids say she just broke up with another famous chump, but I refuse to care.


     There’s just one problem. She’s our new opening act.


     I’m Mia Harris. When Ozzy accused me of exploiting him for fame, he left my heart in ashes. Since then, I’ve risen up and reinvented myself as Phoenix. I’m finally soaring up the charts. When I’m offered the chance to open for Licks of Leather, I accept—painful history be damned. But after one look at Ozzy, our chemistry still sizzles, and I remember all the reasons I loved him. If I want my enemy to be my lover, I’ll have to risk everything to prove I want him more than stardom…or walk away forever.

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Rock Me Faster


     I didn’t want a fake girlfriend—but now I’m feeling something real.


     I’m Ross Walker, drummer for the iconic rock band Licks of Leather. On stage, I light up like a live wire. But when the spotlights fade, I’m a loner. My agent insists that’s bad for my image, so he hired me a fake girlfriend. I’m annoyed AF. She’s quirky—and way too innocent—but she’s also gorgeous…and not like any woman I’ve met. The longer we’re together, the less I can fight my attraction. And the more I’m falling….


     There’s just one problem. I swore off relationships forever.


     I’m Harmony Sharp, a self-help internet vlogger. To save my idyllic Kentucky home, I accepted an offer to guide Ross to spiritual enlightenment. But there’s a catch: I can’t tell him we’re not merely faking love to rehab his image while on tour. The surly beast resists my help, but despite his growls, he slowly opens up. Passion follows as the line between fantasy and reality fade. Then tragedy strikes. When my deception is revealed, I’ll have to convince him my love is real…or leave with a shattered heart.

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Rock Me Deeper


     I finally found the only woman I ever loved—and she hates my guts.


     I’m Syd Wilson. As bass player for the iconic rock band Licks of Leather, I got rich strumming tunes that make ladies moan. It’s a sweet gig for a kid from the streets. I almost never think about the girl who once melted my delinquent heart. Well, I try not to. But when I find her sixteen years later, I’m beyond shocked. And I know in that instant, I’ll do anything to keep her.


     There’s just one problem. She wants revenge.


     I’m Caris Burton. When my dream vacation becomes a nightmare, the boy I once lost my heart to swoops in. Except Syd is all man now, and I’m not sure whether to kiss or kill him. I’m shocked when he sticks his neck out for me—something he didn’t do in the past. Still, I plan on getting my payback…at least until our passion reignites like a flamethrower, leaving me torn. If I want any future with Syd, I’ll have to forgive our past and give him my whole heart or live with the regret forever.

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Box Set - Complete Series


     The rowdy rock stars from Licks of Leather earned their Bad Boy reputations the hard way…gratifying groupies and dazzling the fans while reveling in fortune and fame.


     If you like steamy romance, sizzling chemistry, and panty-melting ecstasy with emotionally scarred heroes and the strong, sassy women who heal their hearts, you’re going to love the BAD BOYS OF ROCK!  


     This Complete Six-Book Series Box Set contains over 386,000 words of rocking hot love.

     ROCK ME - Meet bad boys: Burke: the playboy. Darren: the brooder, Ozzy: the loner, Ross: the beast, and Syd: the joker as they hit the road to perform for millions of adoring fans.


     There’s just one problem…their lives are about to be turned upside down.



     ROCK ME LONGER – Lead singer Burke Jennings has everything he wants, except interim road manager, Sophia Jackson. 

     There’s just one problem…she’s engaged.


     ROCK ME HARDER – Guitarist Darren Ash is haunted by a one-night stand that changed his life. 

     There’s just one problem…he doesn’t know her name.


     ROCK ME SLOWER – Keyboard player, Ozzy Paige walked away from the love of his life, Mia Harris, for trying to use him as a springboard to launch her career. 

     There’s just one problem…she’s now their new opening act.


      ROCK ME FASTER – Drummer Ross Walker never wanted Harmony Sharp posing as his girlfriend to improve his surly image.

      There’s just one problem…he’s falling hard for her.


      ROCK ME DEEPER – Bassist Syd Wilson never dreamed he’d find Caris Burton—the girl who melted his delinquent heart sixteen years ago—then he did. 

      There’s just one problem…she hates his guts.

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